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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


It’s so wrong. But it tastes so right. Brian and I first encountered kalimotxo—a distinctly Basque concoction of red wine and Coca-Cola—at Bar Carrera, a fabulous little tapas bar in the East Village. “We Spaniards give wine no respect,” said the grinning bartender as he poured wine, and then Coke, into a small carafe. Perhaps. But if disrespect tastes this good, who cares? I think of kalimotxo, best served over ice with a cinnamon-stick stirrer, as sangria for wine lovers. It’s a terrific summer refresher, but less sweet than its fruitier, juicier cousin. The wine’s tannins still come through, and you are treated to a spicy whiff of cinnamon with every sip. An oversized wine glass makes for perfect presentation. About cinnamon sticks: like all spices, these lose potency over time. If yours are left over from the twentieth century, dump them and buy a fresh supply!


6 oz. chilled red wine (we used Rioja)
2 oz. chilled Coca-Cola
Cinnamon stick

Mix wine and Coke together, without ice, in a small carafe or measuring cup. Fill a glass with ice. Gently rub the cinnamon stick against the ice and around rim of the glass. Pour in wine and Coke and serve with the cinnamon stick.


Blogger bufflo said...

So should the wine be chilled first?

2:05 PM  
Blogger Sarah Kiino said...

Yes, chill the wine to keep the ice from melting.

2:24 PM  
Blogger kirsten02 said...

After my college roommate returned from a semester in Bilbao, this became a go-to recipe for us. It's surprsingly good with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.....and re-runs of Party of Five. Love this site.....just found it recently.

4:49 PM  
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